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The Single Crunch: They Say My Toddler Acts Like A Baby

Mainstream Mania: Quit Bashing Attachment Parenting

Last week, or um, whenever, I agreed to be a guest on the imaginary, made-up show, ‘Mainstream Mania’.  The episode I appeared on was called, ‘Crazy People Trying To Break Away From The Herd’.  It was mostly about why I’m choosing to parent the way I do.  Here’s a transcript: <<Begin transcript>> Manistream Mania: Hello, […]

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What My Children Teach Me…

-That whenever I walk down a quiet hall, there are spies following me. -That every time I leave the house, dolls and pets start talking and going on dates and eating any food I’ve left out.  And they watch HGTV. -That although we may be brown, red, yellow, pale, and many shades in between; there […]

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Homeschooling As A Single Mom – Part II: Why You Can Do It, Too

Here’s Part II.  We’ve already discussed the various reasons I homeschool my children.  I haven’t been doing it for very long, but already I’ve learned some ways to get around being single, very close to the poverty level, and inexperienced as a “teacher.” I so often hear single moms say they’ve wanted to homeschool for […]

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Homeschooling As A Single Mom – Part I: Why I Do It

This is Part I of a two-part post about homeschooling as a single parent.  This post details my experience as a homeschooling mom.  Part II will offer advice for single parents who are or want to homeschool, and tips on what we’ve found does and doesn’t work.  I know a lot about what doesn’t work. […]

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