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On Connection, Control, and Getting It Right For Once

Control.  We all desire it, at various points throughout our lives; some of us more than others.  And especially when we have children, we feel that it’s so important that we remain in control, and that our children know this.  When I first started to learn about the ideas of attached and gentle parenting, I […]

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Am I Small, Or Am I Big?

Logan, my three-year-old dynamo, sat quietly, propped on pillows during our last hours of a one-night hospital stay two days ago.  We’d been watching something on the television, sharing the hospital breakfast (or trying to, neither of us had much of an appetite), and not talking.  We’d hardly slept over the last 16 hours.  We […]

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Top Ten: Reasons I Want To Be Like My Toddler

1) When someone compliments me I feel inclined to smile and thank them. Logan feels it’s important to point out why she’s NOT complimenting them. Stranger: What a pretty dress!   Logan: Yaw shoes is dirdee.   Maybe she thinks it’s just a time to point out how we feel about each other’s appearance. I […]

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mayhem post

Public Meltdowns & Mayhem

I’m in Urban Outfitters, attempting to outfit myself in an urban fashion.  I cannot actually afford these clothes so I have to finger through each rack, looking for an item that’s both my size and on sale.  I’m searching.  Been searching now for about 30 minutes, when I hear it.  A loud crash followed by […]

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Today, Logan Turns 3

Logan has always been an affectionate, generous baby.  Since she learned to talk she’s showered me and the ones she loves with the sweetest phrases, said in that toddler-way that melts hearts.  One of her favorite people to express her love to was her Gamma, my mom.  It is a bittersweet day for me because […]

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Single With A Sick Kid

During a recent email exchange with a reader, she mentioned something I know too well: what it’s like to parent alone when your child is ill. Dealing with a sick child can be unpleasant even for a couple.  From the smallest colds to the hard falls from 6-foot high tree limbs; when our children hurt, […]

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It’s The Little Things, Too

 “I can’t see in the dark.” – when Ryleigh is going to the bathroom at night and wants me to get up, too. “What are you reading?” – whenever I read anything at all. “Mom yook ad dis paypuh I jhaw.” – when Logan has scribbled hieroglyphics on the pages of my check register. “What […]

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Same Crap, Different Day = Different Method?

Little calendar I found myself making in my head without really realizing it: Monday: mostly redirected Tuesday: lots of hugs and affection Wednesday:silliness Thursday: redirected again Friday: firm but gentle reminders I’ve been learning a lot through trial and error when it comes to gentle parenting.  First off, it is extremely hard if it’s not something […]

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Just Go Nap So I Can Remember Why I Like You

Thank BOB my toddler naps.  I need this time.  I don’t know what I would do if she didn’t nap.  With my eldest it never mattered – although she was always a big napper, if she missed hers it didn’t change her behavior too much.  And I was fine.  Not Logan, however.  Logan expends so […]

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I am not a toddler.  This was a bad hair day LOL.

When My Toddler Weans

Well.  I woke up before my toddler.  This is a first in a long time.  Not accustomed to opening my eyes and not seeing a massive little head of thick black roots in my face.  It’s kinda…nice.  But kinda weird, too.  Got me to thinking: She’s almost 3 years old.  She may wean soon. Gulp.  […]

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