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I Don’t Understand, So I’ll Let You Be

Oh, the outfits, Logan. The outfits. I don’t know what’s up with you and these – outfits. Why do you change clothes so often? Why do you like certain pieces so much more than others? I truly don’t understand, My Little One. I watch and I listen and I help you search. I look into […]

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What My Children Teach Me…

-That whenever I walk down a quiet hall, there are spies following me. -That every time I leave the house, dolls and pets start talking and going on dates and eating any food I’ve left out.  And they watch HGTV. -That although we may be brown, red, yellow, pale, and many shades in between; there […]

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Today We Made A Pond

Today we made a pond. Usually my small people play in my sink, and I don’t mind that, but the weather’s changed so we’re always outside.  I am working on plans for another awesome find from Let The Children Play, a water wall.  Until I gather all the necessary items, I needed something else.  I […]

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A place to dig.

Our Natural Playscape

So last night I was directed by a Facebook page that I like, to a great website, Let The Children Play.  The post I read was about creating a natural playscape in the backyard for your children to enjoy.  Before I was halfway through I knew that my girls would love it, that I would […]

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The Dang Park Daddies

You know the scene.  80 degrees outside.  Park is packed.  Bikes, dogs, babies, ice cream, screaming, dirty children, pollen, moms, and…DADS.  Everywhere all over the place.  Don’t get scared – this is NOT a blog about trying to get a husband, or always needing a husband, or even wanting a husband.  I am happy where […]

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