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Fill Your Child’s Tool Box With Empathy And Compassion

Starting this year I am a contributor over at Positive Parenting Connection!  My post this month is about the importance of modeling desired behavior for children, even when it may seem they aren’t “getting it”: “A 3-year-old most likely isn’t ready to reciprocate kind words in the heat of a tantrum or when another child […]

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Why Time-In? Because They Deserve It.

Logan and I rode the wave of a beautiful tantrum this afternoon.  The tantrum itself wasn’t beautiful, of course, but the experience was. It started because she was pillow fighting and refused to stop (she was the only one playing).  I asked her if she wanted to put the pillow back onto the bed herself […]

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Breaking Cycles and Saying Goodbye

“Was Gamma’s fuwst name?”  Lo asked me last night as we sat nursing before bed. “Irene,” I responded. “I-ween?  I-ween Gamma.  Oh.”  I smiled.  Irene Gramma. “Yes.  Do you remember Gramma?”  My mother has only been gone since April but that’s almost a year ago now, and Lo is only 3.5. “Yesth!”  She replied quickly. […]

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Believe In Your Children and They’ll Prove You Right

In parenting gently, almost as important as self-care is truly believing in my daughters. When one of them behaves in a way that causes me to feel angry or hurt or confused, it helps me to trust that they aren’t doing it to hurt me or to purposely anger me. I consciously look for signs […]

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The Single Crunch: Nursing In Public

Fake It Til You Make It

If you’re reading right now, and you’re a parent who maybe this morning or yesterday or just a couple of minutes ago, you yelled at your daughter or you hit your son or you ordered your toddler to their room in a booming rage – this one’s for you. If you’re at home, or at […]

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I Don’t Understand, So I’ll Let You Be

Oh, the outfits, Logan. The outfits. I don’t know what’s up with you and these – outfits. Why do you change clothes so often? Why do you like certain pieces so much more than others? I truly don’t understand, My Little One. I watch and I listen and I help you search. I look into […]

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Older Children and Natural Consequences

When I say I don’t punish my eldest, Ryleigh, 9, most (mainstream) parents assume that means she doesn’t listen, or that there’s nothing she “must” do.  Gentle parenting is absolutely not permissive.  For me, gentle parenting means that I am constantly finding ways to instill self-discipline in Ryleigh. There are many definitions for the word discipline […]

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My Child’s Inner Voice Is The Hurtful Words I Used To Say

There are often great discussions going on, on my blog’s Facebook page.  Sometimes though, there are comments from parents who disagree with a particular method or idea.  I don’t mind this because we are all learning and I invite others to share their ideas with me.  Being a gentle parenting page though, I do feel […]

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Choosing The Wrong Words – When I Need To Apologize

What do you do, immediately after having reacted poorly to your children? I acknowledge it, right then and there.  I am so used to it now.  :)  This was a process.  In the beginning I’d only admit to myself that I was wrong.  Later I started to come back to the girls and tell them […]

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On Connection, Control, and Getting It Right For Once

Control.  We all desire it, at various points throughout our lives; some of us more than others.  And especially when we have children, we feel that it’s so important that we remain in control, and that our children know this.  When I first started to learn about the ideas of attached and gentle parenting, I […]

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