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Goodbye, Breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding is leaving us.   I walked into the living room a couple weeks ago and her bags were by the door. I ran to the room where Logan, my 4-year-old, was playing. “Logan!” I shouted, “Did you know about Breastfeeding?” Logan’s bottom lip quivered and tears sprang up as she peered up at me […]

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The Single Crunch: They Say My Toddler Acts Like A Baby

They Say My Toddler Acts Like A Baby

They say my toddler acts like a baby because she still sleeps with me. They say my toddler acts like a baby because she still nurses to sleep. They say my toddler acts like a baby because she “forgets her words” and whines. They say my toddler acts like a baby for refusing to help […]

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The Single Crunch: Nursing In Public

Nursing In Public

Yup, that’s me: That hippie chick chillin’ at the back of the bus. Might catch Creedence from my headphones if the volume’s turned up enough. Toddler nursing at my right breast, eldest writing to my left. Mm hm, we saw you roll your eyes; but I won’t get upset.   To be honest with you, […]

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Why It Works: Benefits of Breastfeeding Past One Year

Many mothers of breastfeeding toddlers are accustomed to fielding questions about how and why they are still breastfeeding, and how long they will continue.  What about teeth?!  She’s just too big!  There’s no benefit to her now!  She’s just using you.  Aren’t you tired?  I generally just smile at others and give a short answer […]

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“Hi, I’m Whoopi Goldberg, Post-Op.”

Whoopi Goldberg is out of surgery, y’all.  She went in for a Stickondectomy, whereby a surgeon removes sticks that are stuck up a person’s butt.  It wasn’t really bothering her until she watched herself on YouTube and noticed all of the facial grimacing it was causing, during The View’s interview with Dr. Bill Sears.  So […]

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I am not a toddler.  This was a bad hair day LOL.

When My Toddler Weans

Well.  I woke up before my toddler.  This is a first in a long time.  Not accustomed to opening my eyes and not seeing a massive little head of thick black roots in my face.  It’s kinda…nice.  But kinda weird, too.  Got me to thinking: She’s almost 3 years old.  She may wean soon. Gulp.  […]

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The Milk Zombie

Ah, the joys of extended breastfeeding.  What beats a nursing session highlighted by a baseball-sized knee to the gut?  Or a butt in your face during some weird, Cirque Du Soleil-esque position attempt?  Or, my personal fave, the scary voice at 2am, whispering, “Turn over Mommy.”  Whoa.  Breastfeeding on demand requires stamina.  Child-led weaning requires […]

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An Ode To Boobs

She “wrote” this song in bed this morning.

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