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Goodbye, Breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding is leaving us.   I walked into the living room a couple weeks ago and her bags were by the door. I ran to the room where Logan, my 4-year-old, was playing. “Logan!” I shouted, “Did you know about Breastfeeding?” Logan’s bottom lip quivered and tears sprang up as she peered up at me […]

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They Let Me Let Go

The three of us – Ryleigh, Logan, me – stood in our living room last night at around 8 o’ clock, thinking what to do.  Logan was getting tired and I’d said we could read and get to bed.  I sat on the couch and started singing an Imogen Heap song we’ve loved for years, […]

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TSC:  Well Ain't This Special

Well Ain’t This Special | TSC’s One Year Anniversary

Well ain’t this special –   – I’ve been blogging for a year.   March 25, 2012 is The Single Crunch’s anniversary – about three weeks before the death of my mother. I started this blog after sharing a slideshow I made and uploading it to YouTube.  It was shared by different Facebook pages that seemed […]

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The Single Crunch: They Say My Toddler Acts Like A Baby

They Say My Toddler Acts Like A Baby

They say my toddler acts like a baby because she still sleeps with me. They say my toddler acts like a baby because she still nurses to sleep. They say my toddler acts like a baby because she “forgets her words” and whines. They say my toddler acts like a baby for refusing to help […]

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The Single Crunch: Nursing In Public

Nursing In Public

Yup, that’s me: That hippie chick chillin’ at the back of the bus. Might catch Creedence from my headphones if the volume’s turned up enough. Toddler nursing at my right breast, eldest writing to my left. Mm hm, we saw you roll your eyes; but I won’t get upset.   To be honest with you, […]

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Found this on the page, from September: And some days you have a moment where you lie back and close your eyes and realize you’re laughing and don’t know why. You rack your brain and can only bring up painful memories and you wonder how you can be smiling. And you realize that despite it […]

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Two Thousand Kisses a Day-Gentle Parenting Through the Ages and Stages2

TSC Review: ‘Two Thousand Kisses A Day’ by L.R. Knost

Something I often wish I’d had when my eldest was a babe is another mom to offer gentle support.  I had instincts about what was right and wrong, but I was so unsure because Ryleigh was my first child, and those years would have been made much less confusing had I known someone who felt […]

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Fumbling Around In The Dark - The Single Crunch

Fumbling Around In The Dark

Anxiety. Waking up in the morning and feeling that sinking feeling in your stomach, the one you know means your mind has so many thoughts on it that some of them haven’t yet processed and reached you; there’s an actual queue in your head, a waitlist for worrisome thoughts. Getting up and attempting to focus […]

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Fill Your Child’s Tool Box With Empathy And Compassion

Starting this year I am a contributor over at Positive Parenting Connection!  My post this month is about the importance of modeling desired behavior for children, even when it may seem they aren’t “getting it”: “A 3-year-old most likely isn’t ready to reciprocate kind words in the heat of a tantrum or when another child […]

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Why Time-In? Because They Deserve It.

Logan and I rode the wave of a beautiful tantrum this afternoon.  The tantrum itself wasn’t beautiful, of course, but the experience was. It started because she was pillow fighting and refused to stop (she was the only one playing).  I asked her if she wanted to put the pillow back onto the bed herself […]

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